Public Transportation

  • Busses 2 block away on Whyte Ave. LRT station 15 minute walk from grounds, or connecting buses from LRT station to Whyte ave

Accessible Parking

  • Street parking with curb cut sidewalk surrounding grounds
  • Paid parking lot immediately next to grounds
  • Bike lock ups available on Whyte ave, and most side street surrounding grounds, and next to the Strathcona library

Moving Around the Festival Site + Beer Gardens

  • Slightly uneven concrete within and around beer gardens
  • Uneven grass and dirt on site
  • 4’ entrance to Beer Gardens and 32″ clearance between table rows.
  • Service table 3′ high

Washroom Access

  • Gender inclusive port-o-pottys on site
  • Accessible port-o-potty also available


Forest in the Desert (Walking tour)

  • Bumpy pavement at various locations throughout tour
  • Following the train tracks through high grass and extremely uneven ground. Alternative route available on sidewalks
  • Alternative, fully accessible path available upon request
  • No places to rest along route from train tracks to garden
  • Part of performance, when reaching community garden, is inaccessible. There will be a volunteer located at the info tent whom will be able to create an alternate placement for final piece of performance, upon request
  • No washrooms along route; closest located on festival grounds

VENUE 2 | Knox Church

Fire Side Room

  • Accessible only by stairs — one step into venue, then 12 stairs ups
  • Chairs with and without armrests available for resting during performance
  • Gender inclusive, non-accessible washroom available


  • Accessible by concrete ramp on north west side of building
  • Front entrance doors are not powered, entry is 36″
  • Pews seating available during performance
  • Accessible gender-neutral washroom available

VENUE 3 | Bus Stop # 2723

  • Curb cuts on sidewalk surrounding bus stop
  • City of Edmonton Gendered Public Washroom on main block

VENUE 4 | Block 1912

  • One 8″ step up to door, rendering it inaccessible to most mobility aids
  • Performance is seated
  • Single stall gender inclusive washrooms

VENUE 5 | Ravine

  • Uneven park space and forest surroundings throughout performance
  • Will not be encountering stairs during performance
  • No washrooms available
  • Semi-inaccessible, at viewer’s discretion, as most of the performance is through forest paths

VENUE 6 | Alley between Fringe and Walterdale Theatre

  • Fully accessible with smooth concrete
  • 15 chairs available during performance
  • Washrooms access on festival grounds
  • Ambient noise coming from street and festival grounds

VENUE 7 | Old Strathcona Community League Playground

  • Multiple points of access, both east and west sidewalks have curb cuts
  • If driving, use parking lot south of playground as it has the closest curb cut
  • Pavement to the north of the playground quite rough
  • Backless benches around park for seating
  • Show requires some audience to move through the sand, which is somewhat unbalanced, but concrete around the outside of playground is smooth
  • No washroom access

VENUE 8 | Adara Hair

  • Accessible ramp leading to space
  • Single use, non-accessible bathroom
  • Seating not available during gallery
  • Fragrance warning: hair and body products in use during business hours

VENUE 9 | Backstage Theatre

  • Small lip between concrete and entrance to venue
  • Accessible entrance with 32″ clearing
  • Train tracks when approaching the venue from the north
  • Theatre seating (with armrests) available
  • Gender-inclusive, accessible washrooms available

VENUE 10 | Wee Book Inn

  • Non powered, 48″ main entrance
  • Small lip at entrance of bookstore
  • Performance piece is set on the 2nd floor, up various stairs
  • No elevator available, but artists will meet visitor on main floor upon request
  • No seating available
  • No washrooms available

VENUE 11 | Hexagon Board Game Cafe Sidewalk

  • Curb cuts on either side of block leading to performance venue
  • No seating available
  • Washrooms only available in cafe upon purchase

VENUE 12 | El Cortez

  • No seating available outside of venue to watch Mystery Mural being created
  • Wheelchair accessible bathroom inside of venue. Gendered washroom access in basement
  • High level of noise during evenings
  • In the event of rain, the celebration will be moved from the patio to the basement. In this case, the venue will no longer be accessible, as the only entrance is through a winding staircase.