Looking for the Found Festival or RISER?


Beth Dart

co-Artistic Producer

Beth has been involved with CGAS for many years, and is thrilled to step into the Artistic Producer role. She is a director, producer, and artistic collaborator, and also the co-Artistic Producer of Catch the Keys Productions.

Megan Dart

co-Artistic Producer

Producer. Publicist. Poet. Playwright. Megan Dart minds her p’s (but not always her q’s). Megan has been involved in Found Fest for many years as an artist, volunteer wrangler, publicist and now co-Artistic Producer! Alongside her sister Beth, Megan is also the co-Artistic Producer of award-winning indie theatre company Catch the Keys Productions and the Communications Specialist with Fringe Theatre. Megan was named one of the Top 100 Women in Business by the Wanderer Online, and is a University of Grant MacEwan Distinguished Alumni.

Tynan Boyd

Webmaster & Graphic Designer

Tynan has worked with CGAS since its second Found Festival and loves doing "computer stuff" in the arts scene.